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Here's what our clients have to say about our readings

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Tan's Clients

"This was not my first birth chart reading, and I should admit that Tan is a very talented and thorough reader. She has a refined intuition that is built on deep knowledge of astrology, human design and gene keys. I really like her video format, because it gives time for contemplation and I can watch it again whenever I feel like so. Tan is also available before and after the reading for personal questions.  


I was seeking for more clarity and answers regarding my past, my current path and more specifically my professional orientation. Why did I act this way? Why my life feels like a continuum of wrong experiences? What are my deepest needs? What is my purpose here? 


Her reading went through many points that resonated a lot with me, the content is very dense and touched topics well beyond my professional orientation. Tan sees the connections between different areas in your life. After watching it a few times, it simply brought me inner peace. Tan didn’t only point out how my life patterns have their roots in my birth chart, she also proposed a path to live up to my potential and transform my shadows into light.  Thank you Tan, I am very happy with your reading! "

- Celine, France (Leo Sun)

"I watched Tan youtube videos on astrology and was impressed by her knowledge. So when she offered readings with the addition of Gene Key and Human Design, I didn't hesitate and was more than pleased.


I’ve never related so much to a reading. Tan goes in depth, she loves what she does and it shows. Her readings are unique, she brings a completely new perspective. She told me things about myself that resonated deeply, that I hadn’t considered before, she basically helped me reconnect with my true self, gave me tools to do so.


There were aspects of myself I had become so out of touch with and I hadn’t even realised. It gave me clarity on several aspects of my life.This reading is precious to me, I’ve already rewatched it and I know I will again in the future. Many thanks to the best astrologer that I know!"

- Lise, France (Virgo Sun)

"I recently had a birth chart reading from Tan and found it to be very helpful. She clearly put a lot of time and thought into it and I was very impressed with her analysis of my chart. She is clearly bright, has a lot of wisdom to share and really comes across as a kind soul who cares.  I would absolutely recommend her to my friends and family in the future."

-Jake, USA (Scorpio Sun)

"I recently decided to get a birth chart reading because I found myself in a place where I was seeking answers regarding my life and the path that I've taken. I've always had questions that needed answers because there were things about myself that I simply could not understand. Why I'd act a certain way? Why do I react to things a certain way? Why do I seek solitude when I don't really want to be alone? What purpose could
it serve?


After watching the video of the reading I ended up with a clearer picture and a greater understanding of why things are the way that they are. Tan was amazing! Her reading was on target and touched on many aspects of my life. Questions that I didn't even know I had were answered. Talk about a revelation. I am definitely glad to have gotten the reading and am beyond satisfied. Thanks again Tan!"

- Virgilio, USA (Pisces Sun)
-Jean Christophe, France (Pisces Sun)

I booked a synastry/composite reading with Tan because I was somewhat involved with a person who I found it hard to break away from. It was a very frustrating situation for me because a lot of wounds started surfacing and I was questioning if this person’s presence was doing more harm than good. I personally wanted to know our role in each other’s lives so that I wasn’t stuck with the same energy.

I already knew Tan from her Youtube channel and trusted her insights to provide me with some clarity. Tan did such an amazing job in providing a detailed insight, that I was able to improve the relationship between the person and I. Through this reading, I was able to understand where my personal shortcomings were and the nature of our interaction. This gave me a sense of clarity and peace because I gained a sense of understanding what our role was in each other’s lives. She also covers both the good and challenging aspects, which I think is good to develop a sound perspective and has been helpful. Now, I am at more ease and more confident in our interactions. Would highly recommend!"

-Angelica, Singapore (Aries Sun)

 I found Tan Astrology on YouTube and was amazed by her content, knowledge and insights. I was so excited and grateful to see she offered different reading services. I reached out to Tan regarding which reading would most match what I was looking for in a reading between the natal and spiritual/self-growth reading. Tan was so helpful and I decided that the Spirituality/Self-Growth reading was exactly the guidance I was looking for as a casual but passionate student of astrology.


When I received my reading, I was filled with immense gratitude for Tan’s gift with explaining and bringing understanding around different events in my life, and how they have and continue to shape me and my soul’s path in this lifetime. Tan was able to honestly dive into more challenging aspects and events in my life in a way that left me feeling seen, validated and also excited about my life and strengthened my faith in my divine purpose and timeline, while not sugar coating or being vague. I had chills the entire time I watched my reading, it brought up so many emotions for me but most of all gave me so much hope and direction for my life, reaffirming the passions and dreams I have for my life. Words cannot express the clarity and peace this reading has brought me and I will treasure this experience for the rest of my life. Absolutely life changing, thank you thank you thank you! "

- Geena, USA (Pisces Sun)

"I have been immersed in the field of various types of astrologies for several years now. As someone who works with celestial systems myself, I am always on the radar for those who I feel I can learn from. As soon as I came across Tan's channel on YouTube I knew I had to experience her work. And what do I have to say after experiencing her reading? It was so much more than I could have imagined. She brought such a fresh, investigative, and unique perspective to my chart and revealed things to me that I had no idea about, previously. Tan is absolutely an expert in the field of astrology, and I recommend her highly. I am so grateful to have experienced her style of chart reading. It was thorough, thoughtful, and provoking... in the very best way possible. Thank you Tan, you are a true star!"

- Kelly Roland, When the Stars Aligned (Libra Sun)

My 5 Star Review:

"W O W. Thank you so much, Tan! That was by far the best reading I've had.

I love that we're all here part of the same collective and learning all these esoteric languages to truly paint the most magnificent rendering of what it means to be alive as we can, with the colors we brought into this karmic cycle — as well as colors we add to our palette along the way. Astrology being merely one (prob my fave) of said languages, when we share insights on each other's birth charts we're essentially "exchanging colors" and empowering our own palettes that much more.


When I get a reading that checks all the boxes, not that it's happened before this, I'm elated. (And I've had several.) I appreciated that you tied in more than astrological principles (which is highly underrated, because all truths support and complement one another — and recognizing those synchronicities and patterns is half the fun!) It gave me "homework" which my Gemini mind eagerly needs/loves: to constantly learn, expand, and go down every possible path — even if they all lead to the same destination. (I don't want to miss a thing!) It was also practical, didn't avoid the fact everything's a two-edged sword with both high and low vibrations, and was encouraging. The unexpected look ahead at the end at upcoming major transits brought this to a whole 'nother level, as well. AKA, thank you — this was a highlight of 2020, and a superb snapshot of the soul!"

- Jason, USA (Taurus Sun)

"I have visited several very expensive study advisory services in the past, that were not able to help me at all. Tan was the first person in my life, who was able to truly speak to my soul and help me find my life purpose. She really opened up a whole new or even several new doors for me and I finally have something to work towards, that feels right. Her reading was uplifting, motivational and strengthened my inner voice, which has been very silent in the last couple of years. I can highly recommend anyone to get a reading by Tan! I am so thankful, that I got one from you and I will recommend you further to everyone I know. Thank you again for your amazing work." 

- Virgo Sun

Antonia's Clients

"Antonia gave me accurate insights to my birth chart and gave me some new perspectives to consider. Would recommend!"

- Satisfied client

"Thank you so much Antonia for the wonderful birth chart reading! I found the reading to be very accurate and insightful! Antonia is extremely intuitive and a very gifted speaker. I also very much enjoyed listening to how Antonia is able to interpret challenging aspects of a chart and express them in a very kind and compassionate manner. By doing so, it makes it easier for me to be willing to look at the issue within my psyche and be motivated to do the shadow work on the underlying issue."

- Janko, Canada (Scorpio Sun)

"I really enjoyed my reading with Antonia! She has a very soft and dreamy voice which was accompanied with alot of metaphors. Her style of interpretation was extremely poetic, very insightful, and truly different than anyone I have ever heard discussing astrology. My natal chart reading felt like someone was reading classic literature to me and I was the main character."

- Satisfied client
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