Here's what Tan's clients have to say about her readings

"Tan is an amazing woman who gave me much insight in the patterns in my life, both in personal and relationship situations. With some time, and her advice I made the first steps to become my true self. Thank you!"

-Arjen, the Netherlands (Leo Sun)

"Tan's reading was fantastic. It gave me a clear perspective of what is happening in my life. In addition, she has provided solutions with regards to how I am able to improve my current situation. In a nutshell, thanks!"

-Ken, Singapore (Virgo Sun)

"I appreciate Tan taking the time to look into my birth chart and issues and giving me great guidance and solutions to my restricted 12th house energy. Thanks Tan for generously sharing/helping others with your invaluable knowledge and insights with the world."

-Lucy, Singapore (Taurus Sun)

"Tan’s reading breathed new life into my sense of self. She truly has a gift for articulating the abstract, and her delivery is filled with empathy and support. My expectations for the reading were exceeded to the moon and back. So, so grateful to have come across her at such a critical time."

-Kristina, U.S. (Capricorn Sun)

"Tan's insight on my astrological profile was spot on! I will use her valuable insight to help me navigate my mission in life."

-Francesca, Canada (Libra Sun)

"I recently had a birth chart reading from Tan and found it to be very helpful. She clearly put a lot of time and thought into it and I was very impressed with her analysis of my chart. She is clearly bright, has a lot of wisdom to share and really comes across as a kind soul who cares.  I would absolutely recommend her to my friends and family in the future."

-Jake, USA (Scorpio Sun)

“Tan is amazing astrologers who offers me more details that I have ever expected. Her accuracy has impressed me. She could help me to look deep inside my birth chart lays the secret code that will unlock
my pscyche and all of its potential”.

-Leo Sun

"I recently decided to get a birth chart reading because I found myself in a place where I was seeking answers regarding my life and the path that I've taken. I've always had questions that needed answers because there were things about myself that I simply could not understand. Why I'd act a certain way? Why do I react to things a certain way? Why do I seek solitude when I don't really want to be alone? What purpose could
it serve?


After watching the video of the reading I ended up with a clearer picture and a greater understanding of why things are the way that they are. Tan was amazing! Her reading was on target and touched on many aspects of my life. Questions that I didn't even know I had were answered. Talk about a revelation. I am definitely glad to have gotten the reading and am beyond satisfied. Thanks again Tan!"

- Virgilio, USA (Pisces Sun)

"Thank you tan for taking your time of going into depth with my birth chart! I've gained so much more knowledge and direction within myself, to keep following my heart with the things I am passionate in. Tan's advice has really encouraged me take a step forward in following my dreams and has been very helpful on giving me more insight into my personal relationships and my inner most self."

-Natalie, Australia (Taurus Sun)
-Jean Christophe, France (Pisces Sun)

I booked a synastry/composite reading with Tan because I was somewhat involved with a person who I found it hard to break away from. It was a very frustrating situation for me because a lot of wounds started surfacing and I was questioning if this person’s presence was doing more harm than good. I personally wanted to know our role in each other’s lives so that I wasn’t stuck with the same energy.

I already knew Tan from her Youtube channel and trusted her insights to provide me with some clarity. Tan did such an amazing job in providing a detailed insight, that I was able to improve the relationship between the person and I. Through this reading, I was able to understand where my personal shortcomings were and the nature of our interaction. This gave me a sense of clarity and peace because I gained a sense of understanding what our role was in each other’s lives. She also covers both the good and challenging aspects, which I think is good to develop a sound perspective and has been helpful. Now, I am at more ease and more confident in our interactions. Would highly recommend!"

-Angelica, Singapore (Aries Sun)

 Hi Tan, we want to take the time to properly express our gratitude for your video. Since the time we both met we had always felt a polarizing and strong connection. Your analysis' of our charts was the confirmation we've been searching for and your explanation was clear and concise. It really helped us to understand not only ourselves as individuals, but also as 1 soul taking on the universe. "

-Illinois, USA (Aries & Gemini couple)

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