This reading is an integration of your astrological natal chart, your human design body graph, and your gene keys


The reading offers a deep dive into you, it is a journey that tells a story of how the stars aligned themselves into your genetic make-up. You will discover: 


  • What your life's work and deepest purpose is
  • How to best work with energy alignment to live more holistically
  • Your biggest challenges in life & your shadows... that leads to your evolution
  • The key to opening your heart to love and better relationships
  • What it's like to be your highest self! 


Before the reading: 

Tan will drop an email prior to the reading to get to know a bit more about you by asking a few questions.


After the reading: 

Tan will contact you again for any follow-up questions or discussions you may have about the reading. 


**You will receive a private 50 min video link to the reading, approximate waiting time is 30-60 days**

THE CAULDRON (Astro Natal + HD + GK Reading)

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  • Once you have purchased the reading, you will receive an email from Tan to confirm your birth information, payment and video accessing dates. 

  • No refund is offered for cancellation of the purchase. 

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