What is your most fulfilling contribution to the world? How can you feel and have abundance and prosperity every day? Living with kindness, virtue, and self-expression on a daily basis is something we may overlook but is a major part of your purpose in this lifetime. This energizing reading will help guide you on your life path to your highest and most humble destiny. In this reading we will cover: 


  • Your life’s work, life journey and purpose (ideally your life’s work can be the same as your career, but it may not be, the choice is yours)   

  • How to get into your energy alignment  inorder to feel fresh and energized in your daily work  

  • What are some of your aspirations in life  

  • How to overcome any stuck patterns/habits that may have been preventing you from finding fulfillment in your life path 

  • How to feel and have prosperity and abundance on a daily basis 


*This reading includes astrology, human design and the gene keys 


(These points will be considered in the reading: the incarnation cross/activation sequence, the pearl sequence, human design type/profile & channels, the Sun-sign, house and aspects, the midheaven & the 10th house, the 2nd house, Jupiter, Saturn, the attraction sphere, north/south nodes) 


Before the reading: 

Tan will drop an email prior to the reading to get to know a bit more about you by asking a few questions.


After the reading: 

Tan will contact you again for any follow-up questions or discussions you may have about the reading.


**You will receive a private 30-min video link to the reading the month after the month you make a purchase. For example, if you make the purchase in April, you’ll receive the reading in May. There is a limited number of available readings per month, if you check the website and it says ‘readings are out of stock’ it means the limit of available readings have been met that month, and you can check back in the month after when readings are opened again! :)


  • Once you have purchased the reading, you will receive an email from Tan to confirm your birth information, payment and include pre-reading questions.

  • No refund is offered for cancellation of the purchase.

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