So you’re in trend! This is an experimental reading that will look at the repeating PATTERNS that appear in your 3 human design bodygraphs; tropical, sidereal (Fagan Bradley), and true sidereal. And anything else that stands out.


*This reading is FOR YOU if you know that a SIDEREAL and TRUE SIDEREAL Human Design Bodygraph exists! 


This is Tan’s own insight, please have your own discernment by your side as well when you listen to the reading. This reading does NOT go into the depth of each bodygraph, but is a first look at patterns of all 3 bodygraphs, which can tell us a great deal about the major recurring themes/energy workings of you.  


*This reading includes only human design 


(These points will be considered in the reading: repeating themes/patterns in your tropical, sidereal, and true sidereal human design bodygraphs)


Before the reading: 

Tan will drop an email prior to the reading to get to know a bit more about you by asking a few questions.


After the reading: 

Tan will contact you again for any follow-up questions or discussions you may have about the reading.


**You will receive a private 30-min video link to the reading the month after the month you make a purchase. For example, if you make the purchase in April, you’ll receive the reading in May. There is a limited number of available readings per month, if you check the website and it says ‘readings are out of stock’ it means the limit of available readings have been met that month, and you can check back in the month after when readings are opened again! :)

  • Once you have purchased the reading, you will receive an email from Tan to confirm your birth information, payment and include pre-reading questions.

  • No refund is offered for cancellation of the purchase.