This reading includes an analysis of the synastry chart between two people, the composite chart, and the human design connection chart


Are you falling in love? Falling out of love? Experiencing a connection beyond words? This reading will provide insight into the chemistry and attraction points between you and a potential love interest. We will also look deeper into the long-term compability of the relationship, when the infatuation wears out...can you remain together with love, understanding and friendship? The reading will offer possible solutions to these challenges that may come up. 


*You need to provide the birth details of 2 people for this reading to proceed*

*The relationship does NOT have to be romantic. This reading can be done for family members, friends, or is unconditional!* 


**You will receive a private 60-min video link to the reading the month after the month you make a purchase. For example, if you make the purchase in April, you’ll receive the reading in May. There is a limited number of available readings per month, if you check the website and it says ‘readings are out of stock’ it means the limit of available readings have been met that month, and you can check back in the month after when readings are opened again! :)