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Moon in the 12th house in your Natal Chart

By Adriana Felix

Moon in the 12th house people can feel like an emotional wreck... and not know what they're feeling at the same time! This might feel like a very challenging placement to have in your chart, but it sure comes with a lot of blessings.

First things first, what does the moon represent in your birth chart?

In a broad sense, the Moon represents the most inner part of yourself, your emotional nature, how you feel, but it can also be referred to as the “mother energy” and feminine side. The Moon reveals the innate instincts and impulses that hide behind your actions and your deepest needs and, bare in mind that this satellite is very close to the Earth so, it makes sense that it influences us deeply, same as it does to the ocean’s tides.

And what about the 12th house?

If you look at your chart you can clearly see there are twelve divisions on the circular illustration numerated from 1 to 12 that represent different areas of your life. The 12th house is the house of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, and it relates to the topics of the subconscious, the dream realm, losses, secrets, hidden life and mysteries. This house rules places like hospitals, prisons and hospices. It touches the themes of self sacrifice, self-transcendence, retreats from the world and foreign lands so it’s safe to say that this is a very complex house to understand and navigate.

Moon in the 12th house

Having Moon in the 12th house will make the person’s emotional nature very intense, however, it might not be easily seen by others. These natives tend to treat their emotions and thoughts in a very private way. Their intimate relationships can also reflect this trait of “keeping stuff to themselves”. Since it’s a very fantasy dominated area of the chart, people with moon in this house may be very prone to share their imagination through writing and other forms of art. They might be very spiritual and connected to the collective unconscious, realizing that our existence is way more than what we can see. If not, they can also be very disposed to pursue careers in the health area, or do voluntary work, since this is the house of “giving yourself to others”. Some emotions and experiences may be repressed, or the native may feel like their mind is “trapped” – in dreams, traumas or situations. These people might need to retreat to heal from all the intense mental activity and channel their emotions in a healthy way. Being the house of foreign lands, having moon here might make them feel like going away, move abroad or just to leave the place they were born or grew up in. Pursuing a career in distant lands may make them find their success. With this position, the mother figure might be distant in some sense (emotionally or physically) which will lead them to deal with emotions in a secluded way.


• Natives with this placement can be very sensitive to others

• Excellent writing skills can manifest with this placement

• They can have a wild imagination

• The person might dream a lot and get messages from the dream realm

• People born with this placement can do a lot for the world, turning out to be true humanitarians

• They can be great at doing the “backstage” work.


• These natives can repress their emotions so much that they lose control of their emotional nature – in a worst case scenario manifesting a psychological illness

• They can be evasive and escapists

• They can give too much of themselves and let people take advantage of them

• People with this placement can also feel drained after a long period of dealing with people

Looking at a single placement in your chart can reveal some of the influences of the energies coming into your life, but it’s far from complete. There is a lot to take into consideration when looking at a chart: houses, planets, their placements and the aspects between them. After compiling all of that information, then you will have a bigger picture to look at.

Do you have this placement and want to further understand what the stars have in store for you? Book a reading with us!

A very well known example of this placement is Billie Eilish. She's known for being extremely creative and talented and is very outspoken about dealing with mental health conditions. She exudes a very dreamy and mystical aura which is also due to her 12th house stellium.

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