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Moon in the 11th House in your Natal Chart

By Adriana Felix

Moon in the 11th house people can be one of the most socially involved people you’ll ever know. This involvement comes with a lot of emotion (since we’re talking about the moon here) so there can be some ups and downs along the way.

First things first, what does the moon represent on your birth chart?

In a broad sense, the Moon represents the most inner part of yourself, your emotional nature, how you feel, but it can also be referred to as the “mother energy” and feminine side. The Moon reveals the innate instincts and impulses that hide behind your actions and your deepest needs, and bear in mind that this satellite is very close to the Earth so, it makes sense that it influences us deeply, same as it does to the ocean’s tides.

And what about the 11th house?

If you look at your chart you can clearly see there are twelve divisions on the circular illustration numerated from 1 to 12 that represent different areas of your life. The 11th house is the house of Aquarius, which is ruled by both Uranus and Saturn so it relates to the topics of humanitarian causes, networking, groups, friendships and also ideals, wishes, and the future. Whatever luminaire sits on this house will influence the energies surrounding your connection to the collective, the power of the groups, friendships and family.

Moon in the 11th House

Moon in the 11th house natives are the fraternity kind of people. They tend to attach their emotions to a sense of belonging in a group. They are the friendly and concerned neighbors who pay attention to the needs of their neighborhood. These people can be club leaders, get involved in voluntary work, and be part of all kinds of social organizations. Moon in the 11th house people will be emotionally fulfilled as long as they are serving a purpose bigger than themselves. They tend to have big groups of friends and a lot of social connections, as well as being supportive friends themselves. Since this is the Aquarius house, these people seek emotional freedom, so even though they may have lots of friendships, romantic and intimate relationships can feel constrained.

Assuming the Aquarius traits, this moon placement is better connecting with a group of friends than to dedicate all of their attention to one person alone. When they do find someone they love, they must feel that their partner is able to hold space for their travelling and social adventures, as well as being able to understand the causes they’re involved in. Being also the house of the future, people with this placement will plan ahead of time and think about long-term goals. Wishful thinking and desires will probably be something of their day-to-day life, and having this house well placed can lead to financial gains.

Being surrounded by people, which are the most valuable resource of all, this moon placement can manifest their wants by attracting the right crowd. Dealing with people though will never be a linear experience and so these individual’s happiness will be proportional to a sense of belonging within a group. Having struggles with their connections can make them lose their sense of identity.


  • These natives can express themselves in a very unique way, captivating the crowds.

  • They are very good at networking.

  • These can be very idealistic people.

  • They are deeply concerned with the collective struggles.

  • True humanitarians.


  • Intimate relationships can be challenging for these individuals.

  • They can seem emotionally dull, sometimes.

  • Associating their sense of self to the groups they belong can make them very dependent on others' validation.

  • They may struggle to bring their ideas to a realistic approach.

The perfect example for this placement has got to be John Lennon. He’s known for his music almost as much as for his activism. He’s the singer and writer of “Imagine” which, again, is the most accurate description of a moon in the 11th house person.

“You may say that I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope someday you’ll join us

And the world will be as one.”

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