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Horoscopes for New Moon Taurus April 30th, 2022 “Non Linear Dragon Hunting”

By Antonia Earls

Listen to Oasis of the Wind II by Takashi Kokubo. 1993.

☿ Please read with care and devotion to self. ☿

˗ˏˋ ´ˎ˗ Antonia xoxo ˗ˏˋ ´ˎ˗

“The dragon devoures the woman and the woman the dragon, both inundated in blood.” Epigram 50 Draco from Michael Maier’s “Atalanta Fugiens” illustrated by Matthäus Merian et Jean-Théodore de Bry.

Happy New Moon Eclipse In Taurus ☉ + ☾ ➬ ♉︎

This Lunation will be in effect from April 30th, 2022 at 22:29pm CET. The Sun and Moon meet astrologically at 10°35’ Taurus near the lunar north node at 23°11’ making this lunation an eclipse. Uranus is hanging out in middle earth at 14°32’. This eclipse is ruled by Venus in Pisces who is applying to conjoin Jupiter in Pisces. Mars the ruler of the south node is co-present in Pisces during this time. Pluto is also stationing retrograde at 28° Capricorn. Excpect the unfolding of the lunation to manifest by May 16th 2022 during the Taurus/Scorpio Full moon eclipse. The stories will continue unraveling as we move toward the next eclipse in October.

☄. *. ⋆ What is The Lunar Mood ? ☄. *. ⋆

This Taurus eclipse’s scope of manifestation is welcomed with open arms by an exalted Moon, an exalted Venus, domicile Jupiter and tempestuous Uranus. Excpect delicious luxuries to break through the realm of the “mundane”, unexcpected openings in the earthly world, new perspectives on how to manage your health and your wealth.

Eclipses are indicated astrologically by the luminaries meeting in conjunction or opposition within 15 degrees of the lunar nodes. In Jyotish, i.e the Astrology of India, the nodes are called Rahu, the dragon’s head (north node ) and Ketu, the dragon’s tail (south node). The dragon’s head shows the way, devours what it meets and breathes fire. The tail of the dragon entwines, tightens around and digests what it meets. In the context of a chart, wherever the nodes are positioned, symbolically, can be seen as a serpentine winged entity laying dormant across the axis awaiting to be awoken, to devour and digest the themes of this part of the chart. The first eclipse of the season indicates which part of life the dragon is stimulating, stirring into a state of activation and wrestling with during that period. The house and sign in question represent latent lazy forces that are gradually being activated.

On April 30th 2022, the sun and the moon are meeting at the head of the dragon in Taurus.

Austin Coppock teaches his students (of which I am one) to visualise a hybrid dragon using the imagery of the signs in question. This season we have the north node in Taurus and south node in Scorpio. Uranus is also close by. Richard Tarnas associates Prometheus to Uranus. This is the deity who brings down the sacred eternal flame, from the protected elite realm of the Olympians, to gift it to the mortals so that they may keep warm, cook, build and sustain themselves. Prometheus is remembered as the deity who bares in one hand a lit torch, symbol of equality and survival. If we combine this imagery with the Taurean Bull, Scorpion and Torch bearer, imagine a serpentine winged dragon whose tail bares a sting to protect from external threats and whose sacred bull head carries crescent shaped fire lit horns... This is the image we are working with, one with obstinate determination to plow, to graze to embody earthly sensuality, to carry a top the head divine light, to lead the way with a clarity of mind, one which hopes to free humanity of hierarchical oppression, to feed the land, to become radical in the way we nurture life back into the world, to be aware of the resources we are endowed with and share them freely. As we move toward the full moon which will awaken the sharp sting of the Scorpion we will have the chance to let go of our protectiveness, to develop more trust in our environments, to transmute our fear of loss of power, to step forward into a pathway of liberation from socio-cultural paranoias, to allow for the earth community to transmute us, to be more porous, more vulnerable, to dismantle our defences, and accept, entrust our hearts to the unknown.

This is the first of many Taurus/Scorpio eclipses. We are therefore at the beginning of an awakening in our Taurus/Scorpio axis. As of today, the dragon is just coming into consciousness, just landing and grounding into it’s motionless body, just becoming aware of the sounds and the environment around. The eyes are not going to open for a while. First, there is a gradual embracing of the plush opulent floral fragrances, the perfumes that are coming in through the winds, the light sound of rustling grass, the smell of lavender. This lunation is imprinted with the Taurean impulse to slowly establish environments where there is equal measure of input and output, that resources are honoured through devotion to deeply appreciating our primary vessel. We are being called to embrace as a community our dual need for dirt and beauty as one emerges from the other, to become aware of the innate needs of our eco-systems, of our body.

The imminent conjunction between Venus (our lunation ruler) and Jupiter, in the dreamy waterscape of the twin fishes, colours this eclipse with the archetypal texture of these two benefics. Both Venus and Jupiter bring potential benevolence and abundance to whatever they touch. While Venus rules our pleasure realms, Jupiter tends to expand and “make big” whatever it touches. Here we can synthesise the planetary mood as a larger than life pleasure seeker, attracting soothing indulgences. There is care to be taken around excess, moderation is the key word here. Overall this eclipse will be a time where we are able to welcome in the things that bring us peace, that ease our strains and take the edge off a first quarter fraught with strife and conflict. This paired with a Uranian signature, suggests we can expect the unexpected. That change is imminent and why not dream of a world where peaceful consensus, open heartedness and abundant joy is in the air. Maybe a time to celebrate?

The Pluto retrograde station brings into the theme the idea of gradually allowing our old skins to flake off, to shed like the snake ancient stories that no longer serve us. As the station retrograde happens trine and sextile the lunar nodes, this energetic dismantling of past paradigms is going to be supportive of the Taurus gifts you receive. Allow this station retrograde to be a time of contemplation of the habits you have inherited from your ancestors, from your socio-cultural framework of conditioning to become the observer, separate yourself from this oppressive self-narration so that you can step into this cleared path.

☄. *. ⋆ Tarot Card ☄. *. ⋆

This lunation is occurring in the second decan of Taurus. The corresponding tarot card for this decan is the Six of Pentacles. The corresponding Tarot Card for the sign of Taurus is the Hierophant. The Six of Pentacles with this robed figure holding scales, and the Hierophant holding the key to the divine, invite in the idea of divine charity and generosity of spirit.

This is the most fixed decan of the three, indicating times of stability, humility and balancing the in and out flow of the material realm. This New Moon resonates with a need to take care of our emotional treasures by being mindful of what we give out in accordance to what we receive. The sixes being a number of stabilising through mutual exchange, here through this lunar activation, wants us - as a collective - to seek protection in exchange for comfort, to find a point of inertia where the body is aligned with it’s needs, where the capitalist urge to work the field, plow and sow, be productive is quietened and we bring consistency to the give/take balance of our physical resources. We can observe our work life, relationships, diets (i.e all that we ingest) to ensure that we are being fed the appropriate nutrients for our physical growth to be sustained.

☄. *. ⋆ Keywords ☄. *. ⋆

• Mutual nurturance.

• Reverent humility.

• Resourceful consistency.

☄. *. ⋆ Sabian Symbol ☄. *. ⋆

The sabian symbol triggered by this new moon is Taurus 11 (10°- 11°)

Rudhyar names this degree “A Womxn watering flowers in their garden”. The eleventh degree of Taurus activates a need to refine the ego (as indicated by James Burgess) to focus on embracing a more stabilised, rooted, grounded relationship to our growth.

☄. *. ⋆ What does Carl Jung say?☄. *. ⋆

C.G Jung associated all Earth signs to the “irrational” psychological function of Perception through the sensation of the body. He describes this function as being rooted in the physical, where our bodies are able to capture information, crystallise, through somatic sensations, environmental data. Our bodies are receptacles of all types of surrounding energies, often our vessel knows earlier than the mind, which is why this psychological function is said to be “irrat