meet the team

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Tan Kanjanasoon


Senior Astrologer

Tan was born in Bangkok Thailand in May of 1989. She began self-studying astrology in 2009, and established it as a business in 2019 during her 1st Saturn return. In 2018 she discovered human design and later on the gene keys and started integrating them into her astrology business in 2020.

Tan believes that no school or teacher can provide us with insight into any metaphysical systems that would ever match that of our own individual truths and perspectives. She sees astrology, human design and gene keys as languages of archetypes ready for us to decode and how we do that is not only about accuracy, but also depth of understanding and creativity.

The readings she does and contents she creates are not to give you the answers you seek, not to tell you what to do next...they are to draw out the light and darkness inside of you so that you can go off the beaten track and create the next path forward uniquely for yourself by yourself. 


Antonia Earls

Senior Astrologer

Antonia ia a practicing Astrologer and Tarot Reader. She is a student of Hellinistic, Mundane, Humanistic and Psychological Astrology mixed with a blend of alchemical and esoteric knowledge.


Her approach to these transformative tools is playful, poetic and imaginal. She's an empath with the precise devotion of being a messenger of these ancient celestial languages. Through her own journey of trauma and self-empowerment, Antonia has come to focus on decentralising her lens away from normative binary divisions along with her own cultural bias to find more wealth in these symbols.


Her goal is to assist you in harnessing your creative abilities to manifest your truest desires into physical form, to open the door and encourage leaps of faith.


Using a combination of magic, body work and ancient divinatory tools her readings are above all a gift to self, a moment for you.


Sarah Elizabeth Darville

Junior Astrologer

Sarah has been formally studying astrology for about a year after several more of self learning. She also has lived-experience with using the language of astrology to navigate the waters of life.


When she was thirteen her family moved from a small town in the United States to Kuwait. She learned a deeper dimension of reality from exploring other languages and customs. This began a lifelong learning journey to discover the deeper meaning of life. During her Saturn Return transit, she quit her corporate job and began practicing the art of Astrology. The stories of the archetypes came to life to guide her during that time and she hopes to share that same beacon of light to all that feel directionless.

She has also taken an interest in systems of divination like the I-Ching, Tarot, Runes, Gene Keys, and Human Design.  Sarah would love to illuminate the areas of your life that the ancient and modern astrologers would use to describe your soul’s journey. What she finds to be most rewarding about practicing this language is that most people inherently know the message she can piece together using a natal chart; all they needed was someone to deliver the information linguistically and out of the realm of abstract thought.


One of her favorite things to do is gather information to give to others, so she would take great joy in piecing together your unique archetypal map.


Adriana Felix

Junior Astrologer

Adriana was born in 1997 in a little European country called Portugal. She wanted to help people since she was a little girl and even before understanding what a psychologist was, she wanted to be one when growing up.

It was only recently, about two years ago, that she realized that there are more ways to help people understand themselves, their experiences, feelings, and the ones around them. Astrology gave her the clarity and direction she was looking for and she began studying and compiling information on this subject, helping herself and others expand their knowledge of life. 

Like in her psychology practice, she believes that the only people with the power to become an “expert” on someone’s life is the person themself. Giving back power to the people who feel like they lost it has been her number one priority and purpose in life and she firmly believes that astrology can be one of the best tools one can have.

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Anmol Kaur Brar

Astrology Intern

Anmol was born in the year 2000. She first discovered astrology in 2016 while she was studying abroad in India. There were certain parts of herself she was unaware existed. Her self-discovery journey began while exploring her birth chart. Societal expectations weighed heavy on her however she felt accepted and seen by her astrological placements for who she truly was.


The unconditional love she received from astrology helped her break free from the chains of her childhood conditioning. It assisted her in unlearning parts of herself she deemed to be conflicting with her true essence. Through the exploration of her role in this lifetime, she recognized her authentic beauty. Most of us tend to see the universe as a separate entity from ourselves but Anmol realized that she was the universe herself and that each individual on this planet is the cosmos. Separation is an illusion. What we view to be the universe is merely a reflection of us all. What we view as astrology is merely a tool of self-actualization.