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Tan Kanjanasoon

Founder, Human Design Witch & Astrologer


Taurus Sun, Cancer Moon, Gemini Rising, Pisces North Node 


Human Design:

1/3 Emotional Projector


Gene Key Life’s Work:

GK 23: Complexity – Simplicity – Quintessence 


Services Offered:


  • One-on-one sessions that make you feel safe, seen, and intimate

  • Versatility and depth in the integration of various systems of the stars

  • I sometimes have spontaneous insights during sessions that offers an ‘aha’ moment

  • I help you make sense of the complexities of your charts and your life

  • I help you dream big and stay grounded while doing so!

Personal Story

I started studying astrology in 2011, human design in 2018 and gene keys in 2020. Astrology, and especially synastry charts saved my life many years ago when I was suffering from an abusive relationship. From that moment on, I felt the urge to share this deep wisdom with others and if they’d like to open the doors for me, to offer some insights into how they may find solutions to the hardships in their lives. Human design has helped me align with my non-sacral energy and build a strong sense of self-worth in the freedom of my career path when I quit my fulltime job in 2018 to run my own business. During one of the most challenging periods of my life in 2021, the gene keys was by my side reminding of what it means to be human, living this life of love, loss, and hope.

The Goal of my Service for you

I’d like to offer you a doorway to your personal freedom. We’re living in times of the Great Change, I know you feel it in your heart too! With the way the world is changing, I’d like to provide a doorway for you to have fun everyday doing something you love, even if it’s unchartered territory, and you’d need to build a lot of faith in yourself. You are not alone and we are on this self-love revolution with you! Sending you much love beautiful souls!

*Uniquification = something that makes a particular professional’s service for clients different and unique from others


"This was not my first birth chart reading, and I should admit that Tan is a very talented and thorough reader. She has a refined intuition that is built on deep knowledge of astrology, human design and gene keys. I really like her video format, because it gives time for contemplation and I can watch it again whenever I feel like so. Tan is also available before and after the reading for personal questions.  


I was seeking for more clarity and answers regarding my past, my current path and more specifically my professional orientation. Why did I act this way? Why my life feels like a continuum of wrong experiences? What are my deepest needs? What is my purpose here? 


Her reading went through many points that resonated a lot with me, the content is very dense and touched topics well beyond my professional orientation. Tan sees the connections between different areas in your life. After watching it a few times, it simply brought me inner peace. Tan didn’t only point out how my life patterns have their roots in my birth chart, she also proposed a path to live up to my potential and transform my shadows into light.  Thank you Tan, I am very happy with your reading! "

- Celine, France (Leo Sun)

"When I received my reading, I was filled with immense gratitude for Tan’s gift with explaining and bringing understanding around different events in my life, and how they have and continue to shape me and my soul’s path in this lifetime. Tan was able to honestly dive into more challenging aspects and events in my life in a way that left me feeling seen, validated and also excited about my life and strengthened my faith in my divine purpose and timeline, while not sugar coating or being vague. I had chills the entire time I watched my reading, it brought up so many emotions for me but most of all gave me so much hope and direction for my life, reaffirming the passions and dreams I have for my life. Words cannot express the clarity and peace this reading has brought me and I will treasure this experience for the rest of my life. Absolutely life changing, thank you thank you thank you! "

- Geena, USA (Pisces Sun)

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