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Sarah Elizabeth Darville



Aries Sun, Aquarius Moon, Gemini Rising, Capricorn North Node


Human Design:

6/2 Emotional Generator 


Gene Key Life’s Work:

51: Agitation- Initiative- Awakening



I bring to the table my understanding of the cycles nature from my degree in biology and a deep interest in looking at life from philosophical lens. This is why it is so interesting to work with Adriana on Duo Readings because our interests and expertise really compliment that of the other.

Personal Story

When I really began to learn Astrology, I had just started to experience my Saturn Return. Being so intimately connected with my chart allowed me to see the archetypes as they manifested in real time and learn about them through embodiment rather than just reading about them.

The Goal of my Service for you

My Goal is to help you see how Divine the Natural Order is and how you can exercise your free-will by being aware of the energies in your chart.

*Uniquification = something that makes a particular professional’s service for clients different and unique from others


"Sarah and Adriana, thank you so much for the beautiful and intricate reading of all my charts. It was truly eye opening and explained so much about the what, how, and why's of my life that I had not figured out before. It's truly amazing how much information is so intricately organized within the charts. What a beautiful gift you both have in seeing the charts. The reading gave me so many insights and a-ha's. I laughed, I cried, I said "ohhhhh!" A lot. One of the best parts was how amazed you both were at what was in my chart, I felt so unique and special. Thank you, again and and again!"

"This was fantastic. I’ve had a few human design readings that were all excellent and valuable but I found myself still seeking more interpretations, examples, etc, of my design as I continue further self-exploration. I really enjoyed it and watched it twice and I imagine it won’t be the last I refer to it. My wife is already getting hers done. Thank you very much for this. It is a real gift."

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