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Cindy Schelenz

Human Design Guide & Astrologer


Gemini Sun, Capricorn Moon, Gemini Rising, Scorpio North Node


Human Design:

6/2 Emotional Manifesting Generator


Gene Key Life’s Work:

GK 20: Superficiality – Self-Assurance – Presence 


Services Offered:


With my calming energy, I am kind of giving you permission to be your weird self and step into the position of your own inner observer that inspires you to re-write your unique story.

Personal Story

I was 22, traveling through Spain at that time, when I got introduced to my natal chart by a very wise woman. It was stunning and such a turning point in my life. I immediately started to take private lessons, so that she could teach me some of her wisdom. Pretty soon after that, Human Design found its way to me and I started to explore how to integrate both systems in a practical manner into my life.

The Goal of my Service for you

I am here to be that empowering voice which is gently guiding you towards reconnecting with your inner essence - allowing you to turn pain into progress. I believe that authentically aligned people, that are grounded in their inherent value, reconnected to their self-trust and full of compassion and joy can fully unfold their creativity and find sustainable solutions for themselves and thus for a more peaceful and just world.

*Uniquification = something that makes a particular professional’s service for clients different and unique from others



"Cindy, you are such a beautiful soul! This reading was just a constant stream of poetry, and no, haha, not because it was about me.. The concepts and ideas you talked about I’ve never been able to express with someone, and just the depth and breadth of knowledge you have, which can be seen behind your eyes, smiles, laughs, and smirks while going over certain topics/concepts of the reading, just makes me smile speechless:)"

"I am meditating and diving deep into myself for years - so it is interesting that this in a way, just confirmed many things I already knew for me - but also gave me a new perspective, confidence, self-respect and compassion for myself. Of course, there were also new things I learned, and some completely new things which I will have to further test out. This is my only reading so far, so I don't really know how it compares to others to give more insight into this - I do know I came into this with an open mind, without expectations, to gain more knowledge about my chart etc. - that I did get and I am satisfied with it!"

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