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Milk and Flower Bath
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Antonia Earls she/they



Libra Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Libra rising, Aquarius North Node


Human Design:

5/1 Manifestor 


Gene Key Life’s Work:

GK 46: Seriousness - Delight - Ecstasy


Services Offered:


The way I do readings is co-creative, poetic and playful. I enjoy stimulating the imaginal by inviting in mytho-poetic imagery and esoteric knowledge. I also spend time recommending devotional practices to help bring about balance in my clients’ lives. Above all I believe the celestial arts are wonderful tools to generate delight and re-enchant us with the aliveness of our eco-systems!

Personal Story

I arrived at the Celestial Arts, like a lot of folks, through the ever winding road of the life/death/rebirth cycle. As my external eco-sytems were starting to disintegrate I found myself deeply seeking to re-integrate a more authentic sense of selfhood. Astrology and Tarot were instrumental in guiding me back to safe shores and to open my heart to a simpler, more grounded way of life which honoured my needs for self-care, sensitivity and kindness.

The Goal of my Service for you

My goal as a practitioner is to help you: cultivate more agency and softness, empower a feeling of intimacy with your aliveness, find a clear pathway through the overwhelmingly kaleidoscopic realm of the celestial, offer you simple practical remedial tips to help navigate the choppy seas of life, celebrate your gifts, identify and build a constructive relationship to areas of difficulty, bring lightness and joy where dust has settled, bring a warm glow to your colder shadowy parts, invite in the ridiculous and have fun. My services use a blend of hellenistic technical precision intertwined with empathic clear vision. My hope is to assist you in deepening your self-understanding, sculpting an inner and outer reality with more intentionality, and finally taking ecstatic leaps of faith where possible and necessary. I look forward to meeting you :)

*Uniquification = something that makes a particular professional’s service for clients different and unique from others


"Thank you so much Antonia for the wonderful birth chart reading! I found the reading to be very accurate and insightful! Antonia is extremely intuitive and a very gifted speaker. I also very much enjoyed listening to how Antonia is able to interpret challenging aspects of a chart and express them in a very kind and compassionate manner. By doing so, it makes it easier for me to be willing to look at the issue within my psyche and be motivated to do the shadow work on the underlying issue."

- Janko, Canada (Scorpio Sun)

"I really enjoyed my reading with Antonia! She has a very soft and dreamy voice which was accompanied with alot of metaphors. Her style of interpretation was extremely poetic, very insightful, and truly different than anyone I have ever heard discussing astrology. My natal chart reading felt like someone was reading classic literature to me and I was the main character."

- Satisfied client

"Antonia gave me accurate insights to my birth chart and gave me some new perspectives to consider. Would recommend!"

- Satisfied client

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Milk and Flower Bath
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