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Tan was born in Bangkok Thailand in May of 1989. Her Sun is in Taurus in tropical astrology and Aries in Sidereal or Vedic astrology. In human design and the gene keys her Sun is in the 23, 42, or 51 depending on which astrological system you use. She began self-studying astrology in 2009. And established it as a business in 2019 during her 1st Saturn return. In 2018 she discovered human design and later on the gene keys and started
integrating them into her astrology business in 2020 and it felt more complete. 


Tan believes that no school or teacher can provide us with insight into any metaphysical systems that would ever match that of our own individual truths and perspectives of them. She sees astrology, human design and gene keys as languages of archetypes ready for us to decode and how we do that is not only about accuracy, but also depth of understanding and creativity.

If during periods of your life you feel lost, stuck, or reflective...the readings she does and contents she creates are here not to give you the answers you seek, not to tell you what to do next...they are to draw out the light and darkness inside of you so that you can go off the beaten track and create the next path forward uniquely for yourself by yourself. 


-Much Love


"Tan is an amazing woman who gave me much insight in the patterns in my life, both in personal and relationship situations. With some time, and her advice I made the first steps to become my true self. Thank you!"

- Arjen, the Netherlands

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